Mobile Security

We partner with leading technology providers like Zimperium and Acronis to offer advanced mobile security solutions for enterprises. Our platform empowers organizations to secure their mobile endpoints, ensuring safe and secure access to sensitive data and mission-critical systems.

In addition to our partnership with Zimperium, we offer integration with Acronis Cyber Protect Mobile, an all-in-one mobile security and management solution that protects mobile devices against cyber threats, data loss, and theft. With Acronis Cyber Protect Mobile, you can manage and secure all your mobile endpoints from a single console, simplifying mobile security and reducing management costs.

Our enterprise-focused mobile security platform is designed to integrate with IAM, UEM, XDR platforms, and can be deployed on any cloud, on-premises, or air-gapped environments. This provides complete flexibility and compatibility with your existing infrastructure.

We understand that mobile app security is critical to building trust with customers and partners. That’s why our platform offers complete and continuous security during development and run-time, ensuring that your mobile apps are secure from the very beginning and remain protected against emerging threats.

Choose our mobile security solutions and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your enterprise’s mobile devices are safe and secure, no matter where they go. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build trust and protect your business with our partnership with Zimperium and Acronis.

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