In 2021, there were an estimated 6.4 billion mobile phone users in the world. As every generation of electronics gets a little more efficient, the matter of e-waste and responsible disposal becomes increasingly urgently. Without the proper disposal of e-waste, useful and rare resources in the devices go to waste. When these devices end up in a landfill, they are subsequently incinerated, which then releases toxic gasses into the atmosphere.

A transition into the circular economy, where existing materials and products are reused and refurbished to reduce waste, in contrast with the traditional linear economy, where devices are destined for the landfills — is necessary for a more sustainable future. With Device as a Service — the right disclosure framework and metrics, this will ensure that your organization is taking steps that are recognized as being key to your company’s performance. We assist organizations to adopt to a resolute attitude towards ESG, it helps to shine through in performance. As ever, action rings louder than words. 

Device as a Service​​

Manage your fleet more efficiently by wrapping hardware, software and services. DaaS offers predictability, security and accountability through a per-seat, per-month fixed term cost.

Device Lifecycle​

Deliver on a subscription basis with flexible device ownership as you can choose to return, extend or buyback by end of contract.​

Professional Service

Bundle with accidental and liquid damage coverage, device insurance, warranty collection and repair and nationwide delivery.

Deployment Plan

Provide device configuration & installation, asset tagging, data migration, auto software deployment and 24/7 helpdesk support.

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